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ClubSolitaire hosts Tournaments for its members in which they compete against other members from around the world.
  • The following Tournament Types are currently available.
    2-Deal  -  ( 2 Deals 4.5 minutes )
    4-Deal  -  ( 4 Deals 9.5 minutes )
    6-Deal  -  ( 6 Deals 14.5 minutes )
  • Tournaments start every 5 minutes, all day every day.
  • Club standings are recorded separately.
  • Members may join a tournament at any time.
  • If a tournament is joined in progress, the player only has the time remaining to score. For example, if you join a tournament with 3 minutes left, you will start with the same first deal as the other players and you will have 3 minutes to play as many deals as you can.
  • Each player plays exactly the same deals in exactly the same order as the other players.
  • A player can choose to “Replay” the current deal. This will delete points earned on that deal and start the deal over. The clock WILL NOT be reset.
  • A player can go through the deck as many times as they wish.
  • The Next button will take the player to the next deal in the Tournament.
  • At the end of the tournament a list of all the scores in that tournament will be displayed.
  • Scores will be posted to the Club Standings at the end of each tournament.  Standings can be viewed at any time.  In addition to viewing your club standing for each type of tournament you can now view the history of all the tournaments in which you played.
  • A Practice area is provided to refine your strategy in each type of tournament.
  • Click "Tell Me More" above for more information.
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